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Municipal / Industrial


Where It All Started

This is where it started for Hidden Creek Engineering. Ken began working at small municipalities when he was 19: he worked on water storage problems, water main brakes and treatment plants and upgrades/modernizations. Today, we can tackle any small scale municipal project, from scheduled maintenance to entire main replacements and facility upgrades. Because of our long history in this sector we love to get involved in the design phase to make value engineering recommendations early on to our customers, and especially to make sure the systems we build are easily maintained. We even can bring in our own engineers to help you find the right solution to fit your organization's needs, both in function and budget. If budget is a problem, let us work to find a grant for your project so you can get the repairs or upgrades you need and save capital for other projects or emergencies.


Grading, excavation & pier drilling;

HDPE Fusion;

Pond grading and lining;

Trenching, backfill, & soil compaction;

PG&E Site utility installation;

Potable water treatment & distribution systems;

Site culvert replacement;

Water main replacement;

Resurfacing of gravel roads;

Tank installation;

Emergency main and service repairs;

Pump replacement and installation;

Treatment plant retrofits and construction;

Design build;

Grant writing;

Project management;


We do all of the above in difficult locations with unique site challenges.

Let us be your go-to engineering contractor!

Call us at (559) 321-1338 for a site visit or consultation.

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